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What's Open Now on St. Thomas

We have had more than a few potential guests wonder if now is a good time to visit St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! In fact, most of the activities visitors come here for have re-opened and are better than ever. And the best thing you can do to help the people of the USVI is to come and visit!

Day sail charters, beautiful beaches, para sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving are all available. The aquarium at Coral World is open, and so are the botanical gardens. Both of the world-famous over-looks - Mountain Top and Paradise Point are open. How about something more exciting like jet skis or flyboarding? Both are open and available.

Maybe you want to relax at a beach bar all day and sample the local rum? If so you've got plenty of options to choose from. There are even new restaurants and bars to sample that weren't here prior to the storms.

Shopping is a huge draw in the USVI, and the vast majority of our stores are open and offering fantastic discounts.

Obviously, given the severity of the storms there are still homes and businesses in the process of being repaired. A full recovery is going to take some time, but the people of the USVI are a tough bunch. After only six months out from the storms, many of our guests have said "It doesn't even look like you had a hurricane here" is an amazing tribute to the hard work we have all put in to get the island up and running again. So reserve your trip now, We are happy to help you plan the best, most enjoyable, trip for you.

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