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COVID-19 Update

March 2021 : The US Virgin Islands is open for visitors.

As with so much else during the pandemic, things are frequently changing. We have been writing periodic updates about the status of the territory to let visitors know the status of the territory, closing it, re-opening it, status of what businesses are open. We do our best to relay the most recent updates here, but sometimes changes happen quickly. Please refer to the official government links below for more information.

There are some restrictions in place to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Effective January 18, 2021 ALL travelers flying into the territory are required to provide a negative Covid-19 test (within 5 days of travel), or a positive anti-body test. More details on this are here. All Visitors must also use the Travel Portal.

There are requirements for temperature checks and mask wearing at business establishments. Sanitation stations and hand sanitizer is made readily available and use is encouraged.

Restaurants are open and able to accommodate dine-in service. Bars that can provide table service are open, though must stop serving alcohol at 11PM. Nightclubs are closed until further notice. Beaches are open but close at 5pm on weekends and holidays. The passenger and car ferries to St John are running. The ferry and seaplane service to St Croix is also running.

Many of our most popular attractions are open, though some may be on a limited basis or by reservation only. It is a good idea to contact us in advance of your arrival to plan activities and book reservations.

More information can be found at the websites listed below.

Government House

USVI Department of Health

USVI Updates (Dept of Tourism)

If you have questions about your upcoming stay with us, please call us at 877-788-1803 or email us ahitt.usvi@gmail.com.

There is currently NO Federal requirement to be tested for Covid before returning to the Mainland US. However, please check your own state specific requirements. If you need or choose to get a COVID test while in the Virgin Islands, please see this list of providers from our Department of Health.

What are WE doing?

We have modified our check in process to allow for social distancing. Sanitizer is available for use in the lobby and at the water cooler. Information books have been removed from the rooms and information is now provided through a QR code snapped at check in. Breakfast is fully plated, no buffet or family style plates unless there is a single group travelling together occupying all rooms. Common area surfaces including all door handles and drink tables are frequently sanitized. Housekeeping is done on request and whenever possible rooms are vacant for 24 hours between guests.

As always, our property is regularly cleaned. There common areas are all open air. Each guest room has a self contained cooling system - there are no shared vents.

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