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Using the USVI travel portal

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

UPDATE - using the travel portal is no longer optional! You are required to show proof of clearance before boarding your flight. Visit the travel portal and for the latest information on travel requirements as they are changing to everyone as safe as possible.

Last month (October 2020), I went to visit family in Florida for a few days. It was a great chance to experience the COVID travel protocols first hand. Coming back into the territory I knew I would need to have a recent negative Covid-19 test and register my travel plans at (For more info on the exact test requirements visit

Once I arrived in Florida I scheduled a no cost rapid test at a major drugstore chain. I received my negative test results that same day. This was 3 days before my planned flight to St Thomas. I then entered my information and uploaded a pdf copy of the test results into the usvi travel portal. I was able to do everything from my phone.

Calendar showing test results for a negative COVID test need to be completed within 5 days of travel to the USVI
COVID Testing requirements for USVI

The next day I received an email from the territory with instructions to bring a copy of their approval and my test results and I was good to go. It was very easy - and once I arrived at the airport, I didn't have to wait in the LONG line of people who didn’t follow the instructions for registering with the USVI travel portal. They simply checked my test results, took my temperature and I was done. It could not have been easier.

So take it from me, when you're traveling to the USVI, do yourself a favor and use the travel portal. You'll be glad you did!

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