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Mission Statement: ?? To provide guests with a high quality experience. Eliminating wa

If we do

Not a disposable culture. Supporting a sustainable tourism product. Long term thinking. Using quality resources that last. Working with local partners to build a high quality guest experience that demonstrates sustainability can be beautiful. Carefully selecting quality materials. 


What we do:

Recycled Paper Products

Refillable 5 gallon water dispensers

Bio-degradable phosphate free laundry soap

Waste water from laundry used to water our banana grove

All water is collected, filtered rain water

Solar is our primary power source. 3 Tesla batteries power our property 

Locally made recycled glass table tops

Recycled glass pool tiles

Over 50% of our fruit and vegetables are locally sourced

High Efficiency appliances including air conditioners, washer, dryer, pool pump and dish washer

Low voltage LED lighting throughout property

Solar landscape lighting

Sand free beach towels

Reuse materials every opportunity possible. Everything has a second and third life. Old linens become rags and are eventually donated to the Humane Society. 

How you can help:

Please refill drinking cups and water bottles instead of buying single use plastic

Reuse towels when possible

Leave glass and aluminim outside your room for us to sort and recycle

Only use reef safe sunscreen

Help us eliminate food waste, if you're not joining us for

Recycling Bottles
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