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Here at At Home in The Tropics B&B, we are passionate about preserving the natural beauty of our island. We believe that sustainability and responsible tourism are key components. Sustainable tourism requires long term thinking. We carefully select quality materials that will last. Equally important are the materials we don't select. We do not sell or use single use plastic bottles or cups. We do not use any Styrofoam. Through these efforts we became a Virgin Islands Clean Coasts Certified Business in 2022.  


In addition, we grow lots of our breakfast items in our garden including mangoes, bananas, passion fruit, starfruit and more. What we aren't able to grow, we obtain from local farms. Building relationships with farmers and further improving the food security in the Virgin Islands.  

Finally, with 50 solar panels, 3 Tesla Powerwalls and a working rainwater cistern, we are very proud to be nearly off grid. We take pride in our commitment to environmental and cultural preservation and are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on our island. Our guests are also very helpful in this regard by limiting their water and power usage during their stay, doing little things like turning the a/c off when they leave the room for the day, and taking "island" length showers all add up.


Our mission is to provide a high quality guest experience that demonstrates sustainability can be beautiful. 

What we do:

Recycled Paper Products

Refillable 5 gallon water dispensers

Bio-degradable phosphate free laundry soap

Waste water from laundry used to water our banana grove

All water is collected, filtered rain water

Solar is our primary power source. 3 Tesla batteries power our property 

Locally made recycled glass table tops

Recycled glass pool tiles

Over 50% of our fruit and vegetables are locally sourced

High Efficiency appliances including air conditioners, washer, dryer, pool pump and dish washer

Low voltage LED lighting throughout property

Solar landscape lighting

Sand free beach towels

Reuse materials every opportunity possible. Old linens become rags, old comforters become dog beds. What we cannot reuse, we donate to the Humane Society. 

How you can help:

Please refill drinking cups and water bottles instead of buying single use plastic

Reuse towels when possible

Leave glass and aluminum outside your room for us to sort and recycle

Only use reef safe sunscreen

Turn off power in your room when you're out for the day

Help us eliminate food waste

Recycling Bottles
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