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We keep the lights on for you

While researching the US Virgin Islands, you've probably read a thing or two about power outages. It's not always related to weather, there is no obvious time, cycle or rationale for when or why the power goes out. It just does.

Most islanders accept it as a fact of life in the islands, but it comes as quite a surprise to the vast majority of our visitors and can be quite annoying.

However, you don't have to accept this as part of your vacation experience. We have invested significant resources to ensure our guests are not affected by any power outage. We have 50 solar panels and have solar back-up batteries. If those run out, we also have a propane generator to run the entire hotel.

When the power does go out, our guests usually have no idea, as the transition to battery power is seamless. Your lights will still work, the fridge will still run, the fans and A/C will still keep you comfortable and the WiFi signal will stay on.

This certainly is not the case at all accommodations on island. We endeavor to make sure our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible when staying with us. We know no one enjoys a prolonged power outage. And after the 2017 hurricanes, where we endured three months - 91 days to be exact - without power, we personally do not want to experience that again.

So go ahead and book with us, knowing that we are working every day to ensure that your vacation or business trip is the absolute best.

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