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The perfect childfree getaway

Whether you’re a parent craving some “alone time” or you’re childfree and searching for a travel destination that fits your vibe, you've come to the right place. Kids are great, but having to deal with the noise and demands of a family vacation can sometimes feel like no vacation at all.

At Home in the Tropics is one of the few adults only hotels in St Thomas. We know the value of peace and quiet & we encourage guests to indulge in it too. Especially this year as so many of us have had to deal with working and school from home, getting a true vacation and a break from your domestic responsibilities is essential.

If you need some encouragement to take a kid-free vacation here are some ideas to consider. Stay out late.... or Sleep in. Reconnect with yourself or your partner. Read a book - uninterrupted - out by the pool. Take a nap. Go out to dinner and don't even think about a kids menu. Plan activities that YOU want to do and give yourself the needed self care getaway that we all need especially now.

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