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Hurricane Update

For those of you wondering how the island is doing, the short answer is: surprisingly well. After suffering through two Cat 5 hurricanes in September 2017 (check our Instagram page for some wild videos), the people of the USVI really came together. With the help of FEMA the Department of Defense, the U.S. Military, and several private sector charities, the island has gone through a tremendous transformation over the last 6 months. The power is back on, most of the roads are repaired, beaches are open, the lush foliage is coming back and many of our favorite restaurants and excursions are open for business. We've even had some new businesses open since the storms. A few of the larger hotels were badly damaged, and won't be opening for a while, but the smaller hotels and the rental villas are really picking up the slack. For more information on what's open

Some of our recent guests have even told us that if they didn't know we had been hit with Irma and Maria, that they really couldn't tell. That is quite the accomplishment in such a short amount of time, and speaks volumes about the hard working people of the USVI. For those of you who still want to help out, one of the best ways to help is to just come and visit. Stay in a hotel, go out to dinner, go on an excursion. We'd love to have you.

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