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Getting here is easier (& better!) than you think

Traveling to the US Virgin islands, even these days, is easier than you may think. Yes, there are things you must do to prepare to travel, but it is actually only two simple steps:

One - get a negative COVID test in advance of travel and have the results with you.

Two - inpt your info into the USVI Travel Portal.

Just like pretty much everywhere else in the world, we follow the guidelines for sanitizing our hands and wearing masks indoors. But you can still completely enjoy your vacation.

There are a lot of restaurants open and tons of activities to enjoy. Plus, you will have a chance to experience the islands without cruise ship traffic. The cruise ships are an important part of the island economy, but they can also bring a lot of people (which you may not want) to some of the more popular destinations. If you come in 2020, you'll see easier availability of taxis, less crowded ferries, and fewer people at beaches and other destinations. It is an ideal time to come visit. There is no better place to social distance than in the middle of the Caribbean or on one of our dozens of world class beaches.

Restaurants: OPEN

Beaches: OPEN

Boat Trips (USVI waters): OPEN

Bars: Table Service OPEN 11/9

Tours/Sightseeing: OPEN

Night Clubs: Closed

St John Ferry: OPEN

St Croix Seaplane: OPEN

If you have any questions, please call or email us!

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