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5 Mistakes visitors to the USVI make

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Are you planning on taking a tropical vacation to the US Virgin Islands? Whether it is an anniversary getaway, island vacation, or honeymoon destination, there is a lot involved in planning. Of course, you can plan, and an unavoidable setback may occur. However, there are certain steps you can take to prevent mistakes from turning your fun and relaxing vacation into a disaster. Some things to keep in mind include:


Island time is a real thing. Planning multiple excursions/activities in a single day is a perilous journey in the islands. Unexpected delays, slow taxis and extended excursions, could cause a day planned out by the minute to quickly go bad. Our best advice is to plan one or two activities/excursions per day to allow you to relax while doing all the things you want to do.


Conversely, arriving in busy season with absolutely no reservations for excursions or dinner is likely to create a disappointing holiday. You don’t need to have every minute of every day planned (see above), but if you’re coming to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, best book something a few weeks in advance. Have your heart set on snorkeling or fishing? Book that in advance as well early in your trip in the event weather or some other unforeseen circumstance changes the schedule.

Forgetting where you are

Coming to the USVI and assuming that it’s just like the states, could result in some disappointment. Yes, we are a territory of the US, but we are VERY different. We have no Uber. We have no Starbucks. Google maps doesn’t work well here. Most roads don’t have street signs and locals call the roads by their nicknames. People move at their own pace, and don't take kindly to rudeness, or entitlement. We also have many local customs regarding greetings, wearing swimsuits off the beach and how to comport yourself in public.

Being too rigid

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Weather plays a big part in boat days and beach days. Traffic can cause significant delays. We have frequent power outages. All of these things happen periodically, and those folks who are able roll with it (or build in extra time to account for some of these issues), tend to have a more successful and fun vacation.

Staying ”at the resort” your whole trip

We are not the States. We have local artists, food trucks, restaurants, events, language, and people that you can't experience anywhere else in the world. Staying only at your hotel for the entire trip would severely limit your experience and enjoyment of everything we have to offer. Try some fungi, oxtail, tarts, or pate. Snorkel and see a Caribbean lobster or stingray. Participate in Carnival, or Miracle on Main Street. Learn a new word or phrase. We guarantee you'll not regret opening yourself to the love and hospitality of the USVI.

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