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Top 12 "Locals" Things to do in Charlotte Amalie

We love being in the "City" because it offers so many different things within walking distance. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Enjoy an icy cold Fraco. What is Fraco you say? It's the Virgin Island version of a shave ice. The truck outside of the Emancipation post office by the park serves up some local flavors like Soursop, Sugar Apple and Mango... there are also the more familiar Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry.

2. Visit the St Thomas Historical Trust for more information on our history or to take one of their guided tours. They are currently providing town history tours on Wednesdays and by appointment.

3. Visit the food trucks at night. The set up later in the day, but you can usually find food a food truck by the Blue tents in Emancipation Garden, one by on the waterfront outside of Banco Popular, and one on the harborside towards the Ferry terminal. If smoked meats are your fancy they are all worth a visit.

4. Pate shop outside of Greenhouse - Pate is the most local of lunch foods and these are some of the best. The sign says Ice Cream, but what you really want are the pate.

5. Roti - at Ideal Roti. Roti are a meal in and of themselves. In fact, one of them probably satisfies two people. Filled with potato, veggies and various meats. Add some extra homemade pepper sauce for a true local meal!

6. FDR Park - There is usually something going on at the park, including the quarterly Jazz in the Park.

7. Walk up Synagogue Hill and see the sand floor temple.

8. Stop by My Brothers Workshop (MBW) for a slice of rum cake. MBW is an amazing place that teaches local youth culinary skills and provides opportunities for success. They also know how to make a great rum cake!

9. See the famous murals inside the Post Office at Emancipation Gardens.

10. Hop on a Safari Bus and enjoy Brewers Bay beach. It's just past the University of the Virgin Islands, and it's frequented by students and locals - not usually the cruise ship visitors.

11. Enjoy a fresh sugar cane juice or local tropical fruits in season from Market Square where you can see some of our great architectural gems.

12. Get custom, hand made sandals at Zora's. These shoes will last you the rest of your life!

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