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Finding your perfect beach

Our property is minutes from several world class beaches, but how to choose? Each one offers amazing views, crystal clear water and white sand... so many beaches, so little time....

Beach Bars

Magens Bay: If you see only one beach on St Thomas, this should be it. Over a mile of soft sand, a fun beach bar and snack bar with good beach food. There are several pavilions to sit in for shade, chair and umbrella rentals, multiple bathrooms and a gift shop. Head to the left to try to avoid visiting on a busy cruise ship days to skip the crowds.

Sapphire Beach: One of the prettiest beaches with breathtaking views of St John and the BVIs. Recently updated bar/restaurant and a stage for live music performances usually featuring Classic Rock/ Modern Country.

Secret Harbor: Hard to find (but the Taxi drivers all know how to get there), tucked behind a condo development which makes this beach a mix of locals and visitors. Not as busy as the other larger beach bars.

Local Flavor

Brewers Bay: A true locals beach, located just past the University of the Virgin Islands. You're likely to see Family BBQs, Birthday Parties, College Students and Sea Turtles. One of the few beaches you can get to via the dollar Safari Bus.

Coki Beach: Reggae Music, local food, lots of cruise ship guests and tons of colorful fish on the shallow reef. Located next to Coral World. You can also rent snorkel gear or try Scuba Diving at the Coki Dive Center.

Lots of Activity

Honeymoon Beach (Water Island): Take the ferry to this out of the way party beach. Two beach bars, guests on cruise ship excursions, live music, water toys and fresh fish tacos.

Lindberg Bay: Rent jet skis, enjoy a floating water park, eat at the food trucks and watch the planes land at the airport. This narrow beach has a lot of activity and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Hull Bay: Bars, Restaurant, Boats, Fishing, Paddle Boards, Darts, Cornhole and more. Locals enjoy hanging out day and night at Hull Bay. There is also some recently updated murals done by a local artist.


Mermaid's Chair: After a mile long walk through an upscale development, you come to the path for Mermaid's Chair where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Not a beach for swimming, but an Instagram-worthy spot to enjoy natural beauty and listen to the relaxing surf.

Neltjeberg: If you're up for adventure, after a drive and a hike, you come to a clearing where you're likely to be the only one on this small, but perfect, North shore white sand beach.

Lindquist Beach: Located at Smith Bay park, you will find the exquisite Lindquist Beach. No bar, no snack shop, and usually no crowds. Especially when you take the left fork in the path. There is a lovely restroom for cleaning up making this a great spot to go from beach to dinner in Red Hook.

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