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This ain't Grandma's House

Having just watched an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell (which along with Hotel Impossible are some of our favorite TV shows), it occurred to us that there are still some pretty strong stereotypes and misconceptions that B&B's have to overcome; namely the Grandmom's House Syndrome. Travelers who have never stayed in a small inn or bed and breakfast might think that they'll be sharing a bathroom with strangers and contending with a room filled with dusty doilies and fake flowers galore while dealing with an amateur hotelier in the twilight of their career who won't leave them alone for five minutes. That is not the B&B of 2018, and certainly not what you get here.

We strive to provide our guests with a clean, tranquil and modern vibe throughout the property. We do not have collections of dolls, trinkets or quilts. Instead, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our hotel, and provide our guests with a unique Caribbean experience. Although our hotel was build in 1803, we are frequently painting, updating and maintaining the building, the rooms and the grounds. We also allow our guests to dictate the level of interaction. If guests want to spend a quiet romantic day just sitting by the pool, that is fantastic! And if they want to chat with us for an hour about our experiences living on St Thomas, then that's great too. It's your vacation, not ours.

Guests may also be concerned that they'll be stuck eating prepackaged muffins, frozen food and fruit plates arranged in the shape of a smiley face. You won't find any of that here. In fact, here and at many B&B's around the world, you'll find some of the best, most "local" experiences and advice that you'd never get at a big box hotel. There are B&B's that not only cook fresh, themed meals each day, but also give cooking classes to the guests, teaching guests how to make everything from cheese to chocolate. There are even some boutique hotels that contain their own farm, so all food served is local and fresh. We do a bit of all of that here, as we grow many fruits, vegetables and herbs right here on property. Those items are then incorporated into the fresh, homemade, Caribbean inspired breakfasts we serve each morning. We can also navigate dietary restrictions and requests much easier than a larger hotel, as each of our breakfasts is truly made just for you.

In the end, if you want a truly local experience, with individualized service, and an expertise in local culture, cuisine and activities, then maybe its time for you to try a small inn or B&B. Once you do, it may change the way you travel forever.

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