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No Sun? No Problem.

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Unfortunately, once in a while we do get a rainy day here in St. Thomas. We like the rain because it fills our cisterns, but we know visitors to the Virgin Islands come for the beach and the sun. However, even on a rainy or cloudy day, there are still lots of activities to keep you busy. Here are some of our favorites:

Museums & Historical Sites - There are many museums and historic sites in and around Charlotte Amalie. The Seven Arches Museum, the Historical Trust Museum, The Shipwreck Museum, St. Thomas Synagogue and Fort Christian are all excellent places to witness the history of the USVI.

Watch a Movie - Yes we do have a very nice and updated theatre here on island with all the latest Hollywood movies!

Coral World - There are aquariums, shops and a cafe at this unique land and sea adventure center.

Gaming - Certainly not Las Vegas (or even Atlantic City for that matter), but St. Thomas has some small gaming facilities. Aside from the occasional slot machine in the back of some of our restaurants, there are some small, air conditioned casinos on island.

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