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Coming up for 2019

We've never been accused of being complacent. Given that, we have some big plans for 2019, including some new decor and an expanded herb and vegetable garden on site. But what we are most excited for is the addition of a Spa Cottage for massage, body work, rejuvenation and mediation or yoga. We are just now starting to paint, renovate and refurbish what was the original bathhouse of the property. As many of you know, our home was built as a Danish barracks circa 1803.  At that time, what will become the Spa Cottage was used as the original bathhouse for the soldiers stationed here. Thankfully, the cottage has survived over 200 years without significant renovation and still contains most of the original marble tile work. 

Our plan is to open this new room in early 2019, and it will allow our guests to relax, meditate, do yoga and even reserve a massage, facial or other treatments in advance. We are working with several on-island therapists to come to the property to provide our guests with this additional service if they so desire.

Look for photos on our website and social media over the next few months.

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