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What's for Breakfast?

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

When we travel, half the fun is trying new and local cuisine. So every day we serve a two course, Caribbean inspired, home made breakfast; including a fruit course, and a main entree, as well as coffee, tea and juice. We use the flavors of the island to inspire breakfast, to give our guests a unique Caribbean experience. You won't find a prepackaged muffin or reconstituted egg on our menu.... guaranteed!

The breakfast menu varies daily and features what's local, fresh and in season. Whenever possible our ingredients come from local farms, and some are even grown in our garden on site. We have banana trees, passion fruit vines, mango trees, a lime tree, and many herbs and spices all on site. And all of our baked goods are made from scratch, so you'll know exactly what's in them.

While the menu items change daily, we often include some of the following guest favorites:

Coconut Muffins

Caribbean Root Hash

Sorrel Drink (spiced with Cinnamon and Cloves)

Mango Bread

Scones with home made jams & curd

Tropical Oat Parfait with Mango Cream

Island Spiced Waffles

Johnny Cake Sandwiches

Goat Cheese & Herb Fritatta

Cinnamon Crumb Bread

If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies please let us know when booking your reservation. We are also happy to accommodate vegans and vegetarians with advanced notice.

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